Aaron Varghese

AaronFrom showcasing purses to screaming throughout horror movies, Aaron oozes masculinity. He’s so tough, in fact, that he has won (almost) every cat fight that he has been into and can effortlessly break any Ticonderoga #2 pencil you throw at him. In addition, Aaron has had the delightful privilege of spending most of his summers fighting the greatest evil this world has ever faced since the invention of the duck face—little children. That’s right, peeps. Aaron endures the tortures of young children as a camp counselor and a summer missionary to inner city kids. Keep him in your prayerz. Aaron also has a love for suits (as seen in the photo). His lifelong dream is to one day play the main minority character in the reboot of Men in Black or be the first Indian James Bond. In his professional life, Aaron aspires to one day develop the cure for cancer, establish world peace, and open his own fake mustache shop for people who are not fortunate enough to grow their own mustaches. It’s a serious issue in today’s world.

More Info

Joined Spring 2016
Year Freshman
Voice Part Tenor
Hometown Haledon, NJ
Major Finance, Religious Studies