Jack Pitts

Jack PittsBorn on a cool autumn morning, the sixth day of the eleventh month of the year ’95 to be exact, was this unparalleled orb of perfection. People wondered, maybe he’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline. But it was, in fact, not Maybelline, for, he was indeed born with it, and, cosmetics would only interfere with the divine beauty that is his face. As for his musical talents, one can only assume that immaculate sounds would come from this immaculate figure. And you’d be right in assuming so. Brought up in a musical family, in a small log cabin with great acoustics, the conditions were perfect for his singing career to take flight. The Gentlemen of the Hall consider themselves blessed to have finally arrived in the presence of the great Timothy Jackson Pitts, and hope if they could just touch the hem of his pocket protector, then maybe some of his greatness would rub off on them.

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Joined Fall 2014
Year Sophomore
Voice Part Baritone
Hometown Nantucket, MA
Major Environmental Science