Nicholas Zeitlinger

12178217_1075096132508931_1646277965_nYogi Berra once said “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Well, Mr. Berra never met Nicholas Zeitlinger. Nicholas is that one sock you’ve desperately been looking for. He’s the key that opens your front door after a regrettable one night stand. If his house was on fire and he could take one thing, he would take the fire. Nicholas is said to have once made a horse faint in Costa Rica. Why? That’s his secret. When Nicholas isn’t singing his heart out onstage with the Gents, he enjoys rescuing Zelda, slaying some Dodongos and studying last minute for finals. He studies Diplomacy, Modern Languages, and Latin American Studies and hopes to find the cure to world peace. Sometimes Nicholas would rather give it all up to just live the modest life of a handsome billionaire, but then he thinks, I can’t do that, I’m a Gentleman of the Hall. Well, at least by day, he is…

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Joined Fall 2015
Year Freshman
Voice Part Tenor
Hometown North Haledon, NJ
Major  Diplomacy, Modern Languages, Latin American Studies