The Lowdown

The Gentlemen of the Hall is Governed by its Constitution and Bylaws


In the fall of 2012, Kevin Scimecca arrived at Seton Hall University as a freshman with the desire to sing in a collegiate a cappella group. He began a desperate search for others who would be interested and eventually found fellow freshman Clayton Collier and sophomore Luke LaChac. The ranks slowly took shape as the idea of an a cappella group interested others like freshmen Austin Romano and Patrick Maroun. At this point, the foundations were fueled by a passion for all-male a cappella and the troupe decided the time was right for auditions. Once auditions were held in Spring of 2013, eight others were inducted and on April 4th, the Gentlemen of the Hall was born and the group’s recognition launched from there.

As Seton Hall University’s premier all-male a cappella ensemble, The Gents provide quality a cappella entertainment for any event either on or off campus. Whether it be serenading a sweetheart or performing for a crowd of thousands, the guys in ties perform regularly at inter-collegiate events, high schools,  social gatherings and they are always preparing for their biggest event of the semester: The Final Concert. Notable performances include singing the Nation Anthem at Citi Field for the New York Mets and performing for renowned suspense author, Mary Higgins Clark.

The history of The Gentlemen of the Hall is short, but stay tuned, the Gents are just getting started and hope you come along for for the ride.