William Moore

William is perfect.

The central core of William C. Moore’s being could perhaps best be described through the concept of striving. As a young man William was given a great deal opportunity to succeed by his loving and supporting family as well as his Country, both of which he holds quite dear as a result. William sees himself as being incredibly lucky for having been given so much, and therefore does not want any of those opportunities to go to waste, but rather to use them to fulfill the mandate that has been laid before him and all men by the creator itself; to find his place in the world and become the best person he can be. To this end, William pursues his numerous passions including environmentalism, music, dialectic, philosophy, mercantilism, and exchange among others. To those around him, William is easy going, optimistic, deliberate, and empathetic. These traits, when paired with his inner resolve to aspire, are what define William’s personality. It is his desire to be the best person that he can that shapes his moral character. The ideal that William strives for has gone by numerous names in the past; Sage, Junzi, Warrior-Poet, Philosopher-King, Aristocrat, and many others. A complete life in William’s eyes will be achieved when he can reflect the best aspects of these concepts in himself and apply them to his daily life.

To put it simply, William is perfect

More Info

Founded/Joined Fall 2015
Year Freshman
Voice Part Bass
Hometown Niskayuna, NY
Major Accounting