Zachary Blaisdell

IMG957937What can be said about THE Zachary Blaisdell? This: He sings, he dances, he acts, he’s athletic, he’s smart, he’s ambitious, he’s confident, and his smile… woof. Get this, he translates Greek and Roman texts into different languages for fun. He even builds homes for underprivileged bears in the community! Six award-winning German shepherds follow him around at all times except for when he performs, because no one has time for that. He has traversed every capital city in Europe while campaigning for a reduction in global warming. (Insert hearts-for-eyes emoji)

His possé includes, but is not limited to, the humble folks like Leonardo DiCaprio, George Bush, Dwayne Wade, and Lil Wayne. When he’s not a stud, he’s in the lab or the studio, curing the world with beats or better medicine, after all he is a biochemistry major. Watch for his LP to drop, “Yes, I Have an LP,” sometime between spring 2015 and fall 2047. Until then, enjoy the funk. It’ll never die.

More Info

Joined Fall 2013
Year Junior
Voice Part Tenor
Hometown Philadelphia, PA
Major Biochemistry